On May 22, 2023, there was a fire on the Church Ranches Common Lands. The Board takes this incident very seriously and while no one was injured and no property was damaged the potential consequences could have been very serious. We have filed a report with the RCMP who are investigating the cause of the fire. 

In response to the fire the HOA initiated a review of how we responded and have a few action items to report. Our Parks Manager Barry has prepared a fire suppression unit (water tank, pump, and side-by-side) that can be accessed by trained members of our community. We would like to thank Bob and Pat Steele for donating the pump for this unit! 

Additionally, members of the Board are currently working closely with the Rocky View Fire Department to share information and to improve accessibility to our common lands. We are also reviewing options for emergency communication fan-outs. We will keep you informed as we progress.

A reminder: if you see a fire or other emergency in progress YOUR FIRST CALL IS 911 !   By all means contact the Board, but only after calling 911!

For fire safety guidelines, please click here.

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