Mosquito Abatement in Church Ranches    

The CHRA is committed to providing environmentally friendly mosquito abatement on the common lands. 

In 2024, Prairie Environmental Services Ltd. is providing mosquito abatement to the Church Ranches common lands.

Should you wish to hire a mosquito abatement company for your personal property, the following is a list of some of the companies that will service Church Ranches. This list is not exhaustive; there may be other companies that you wish to hire. Keep in mind that some companies use a nerve agent to control pests: this will kill ALL insects with which it comes into contact. Costs for applications vary. Please do your research and decide which company’s methods you are comfortable with and which one best suits the needs of your family and property.

These are some of the companies that provide mosquito abatement in the Church Ranches area:

Prairie Environmental (403) 510-1608;

Greentech – Jeremiah Kanderka 1 (587) 227-7787 

Bug Broz – Jake McLellan (403) 852-9078

Standard Pest Control  (587) 834-4970

Terminix 1 (888) 801-6348

BuzzBoss 1 (844) 744-BUZZ

For more tips on controlling mosquitos in your yard, please click here.

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