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The official* results are in: 

Samanntha Wright is elected

Division Four Councillor.

Thank you to candidates Samanntha Wright, Dan Henn and Roc Spence for your willingness to represent Division 4 and for the efforts of your campaigns.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to learn about the issues and to cast your vote.

Official results from the Rocky View County website are as follows:

Division 1: Kevin Hanson

Division 2: Don Kochan

Division 3: Crystal Kissel

Division 4: Samanntha Wright

Division 5: Greg Boehlke

Division 6: Sunny Samra

Division 7:  Al Schule

Congratulations to the elected councillors. We look forward to a transparent and accountable Rocky View County Council.

*Results are official as of noon on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Halloween is just a few days away!

Church Ranches members can sign into the updated website to access lots of community information including relevant documents. Members can make submissions to the Bulletin Board at info@churchranches.ca including advertisements, art work and creative writing. We'd love to have your submissions of photographs and information about the birds, plants, insects and wildlife on the common lands. 

A gentle reminder to please watch your speed when driving in Church Ranches. Be mindful of children and other pedestrians, especially now that it is getting dark much earlier. Thank you!

Ode to Church Ranches in Autumn


Seasons are changing.

Church Ranches -



Breath clouds white in air.

I need coat

And gloves.


V-shapes fill the sky,

Heading south.

Geese call.


Yellow leaves on limbs.

Frost on grass.

First ice.


Cattails tall and brown,

Earth smells rich.

Leaves fall.


Pond water like glass:

Ducks are gone.



Pumpkins on porches

Flanked by Mums:

Moose snacks.


Seasons are changing.

Church Ranches -


Church Ranches Lakes 

September/October 2021 Update

With the cooler fall weather, swimming season is winding down, but canoeing and kayaking are still a great way to enjoy our lakes. Lake levels are normal for this time of year.  Repairs have been made to the broken valve near Alexa Lake but another valve now needs repairs. The waterfall has been shut down for the season. The aerators will run into November. Winterizing the system will continue into October and November.

Enjoy our lakes!

The Water Committee

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