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Church Ranches Lakes - Update June 2021

As of mid June, there is a lot of good news to report on the lakes.  

1) Weekly water quality tests are showing that the lakes are in excellent health and safe for us to swim.

2) Water levels are all within the preferred range for this time of year.

3) As hoped, aeration of Alexa (Lake 1) is showing positive results including:
a) reduced fish kill over the winter (there is an abundance of trout seen from the shore line, more than previous years)
b) reduced algae and plant growth compared to pre-aeration 
c) excellent water quality reports including reduced turbidity.

4) As per our 3-year plan, aeration for Cody (Lake 2) is on schedule to be completed this summer.  You will notice a backhoe trenching from the garage by the beach volleyball courts to the lake to run the lines. We are following existing cutlines to prevent any unnecessary loss of vegetation and pathway damage.

5) Based on the positive effects seen in Alexa and Lika (Lake 4), and with the understanding that aeration for Cheyanne (Lake 3) was requested by the home owners and approved at the previous AGM, the board is now planning to accelerate the aeration schedule for Cheyanne with the goal of aerating this summer.  Additional reasons to expedite the works are:
a) invasive carp have been seen in Cheyanne.  Aerating Cheyanne will protect the brown trout from future winter kills, ultimately they will feed on younger carp
b) residents have commented that the turbidity of Cheyanne is quite high and aeration should help improve this

c) our lakes are interconnected, the health of one affects the others.

Enjoy our lakes!

The Water Committee

Alexa Lake = Lake 1

Cody Lake = Lake 2

Cheyanne Lake = Lake 3

Lika Lake (private) = Lake 4

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