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People have been skating on our lakes.

This is a reminder that ice thickness can vary  as temperatures rise and fall.  There currently are places of open water, or thin ice, visible on all three community-accessible lakes.

The Church Ranches Homeowners Association does NOT monitor ice thickness for winter sport safety. 

Please exercise caution and common sense when using the lakes. 


Thank you to Church Ranches homeowners who recently have taken the initiative to retrofit their spiked fences and gates to remove the hazard of the spikes.

Spikes pose a well-documented danger to wildlife. Deer and moose have been impaled in Church Ranches and other areas of Bearspaw. The animals usually do not survive and it can be a traumatic, disturbing scene.

Modifications to remove, replace or cover spikes in gates and fences are greatly appreciated.


Dogs have been running at large in Church Ranches.

No dogs should be running loose without an owner present.

No dogs should be off leash unless owners have full control and dogs will respond to commands.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ode to Church Ranches in Autumn


Seasons are changing.

Church Ranches -



Breath clouds white in air.

I need coat

And gloves.


V-shapes fill the sky,

Heading south.

Geese call.


Yellow leaves on limbs.

Frost on grass.

First ice.


Cattails tall and brown,

Earth smells rich.

Leaves fall.


Pond water like glass:

Ducks are gone.



Pumpkins on porches

Flanked by Mums:

Moose snacks.


Seasons are changing.

Church Ranches -


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