Fire prevention strategies are everybody’s responsibility and are the key to eliminate or at least reduce losses. 
Church Ranches Residents are therefore expected to:

            1. Review and implement the fire prevention tips contained in the “Alberta Fire Smart Manual."

            2. Register with the Rocky View County “Safe & Sound  Program.  Through this program you will be advised of fire advisories, fire bans, notifications, and emergency updates.  Rocky View County fire ban information can also be found here.

            3. Make a family emergency plan and build an emergency kit.  Please refer to Alberta emergency preparedness guidelines

            4. During fire season, ensure that all family members, child and pet sitters, and overnight guests are aware of your address and emergency numbers 911 and (403) 230-1401.

            5. During fire season, ensure that all family members, child and pet sitters, overnight guests, and neighbours, are aware of how to operate your sprinkler system and the location of any garden hoses.

            6. Be diligent on investigating the source of any smoke or fire odours.

            7. Maintain an adequate buffer of mowed grass in road ditches, adjacent to all pathways and roadways, and around residences and other structures.  By removing long grass and brush, the speed of a fire’s spread is greatly reduced.

            8. Be mindful of your contractors’ activities during fire advisories and fire bans and generally with respect to fire prevention and the operation of open flame equipment (e.g. driveway resurfacing).  The liabilities for a contractor’s activities may rest with you.

            9. Ensure that No Smoking policies are followed by everyone along roads, pathways, and in any other outdoor natural areas.

* Written by Paul Wotherspoon, a Church Ranches resident.
Paul was President and Owner of Wotherspoon Environmental for 28 years.  He started out researching and writing Oil Spill Contingency Plans for offshore operations. Eventually, this developed into covering complete Corporate Emergency Response Plans for petroleum industry accidents, natural disasters, and socio-economic conditions.  Wotherspoon Environmental is considered a leader in industry and municipal emergency planning both in Canada and internationally.

"A key component in emergency planning is to not assume that the obvious will be addressed.  It must be stated and enforced. In Church Ranches, vigilance is the key ingredient."

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