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Our Lakes and Parks

Alexa Lake

Cody Lake

Cheyanne Lake 

The Church Ranches community enjoys the use of seventy acres of parkland and four lakes. Three lakes are for the community at large and the fourth lake is private: only for homeowners with lots directly on this lake. The Church Ranches lakes are:

Lake 1 - Alexa Lake

Lake 2 - Cody Lake

Lake 3 - Cheyanne Lake

Lake 4 - Lika Lake (Private)

A portion of the Church Ranches Homeowners Association annual fees is used towards the maintenance of the beaches and lakes. All three public lakes are fitted with an aeration system that runs from spring thaw until first freeze (approximately May until mid-November.) During the summer months, the lakes are treated for algae and the water quality is tested weekly for swimmer safety. The lakes are stocked with trout for catch-and-release recreation.

The Church Ranches common lands and lakes are not open to the general public. CRHA members or family members in good standing must accompany nonresident guests on the common lands and at the lakes at all times. People who use the parks and lakes who are neither residents nor are not accompanied by a resident are considered trespassers. Church Ranches has regular security patrols on the common lands and trespassers are reported to the RCMP.

Motorized boats are not allowed on the lakes (with the exception of the watercraft used for lake maintenance.) Motorcycles, trail bikes, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles or other such like machines are strictly forbidden within the CRHA common lands. An exception is allowed for park access for physically disabled members or visitors who require mobility devices. Please contact us for information on our Blue Flag Access Program and apply in advance.

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