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Planning on a development project with your property or home in Church Ranches?

Please do the following:

1. Review the Restrictive Covenants and submit your project plans for CRHA Membership Committee review through our contact page. See the CRHA Homeowner Guidelines for Applications for assistance with the process.

2. Notify your surrounding neighbours, or anyone else who might be impacted by the development.

3. Submit your plans to Rocky View County if permits are required. 

The Restrictive Covenants and the application process helps keep our neighbourhood beautiful and safe. Following the Restrictive Covenants and the Homeowner Guidelines for Applications shows respect for your neighbours, keeps our community attractive and helps to maintain our property values. 

If you are concerned about a neighbour's development you may submit a complaint to the CRHA Board.

Developments completed without notice to the Board or without formal Board approval are no fun and remain subject to removal, deconstruction, or legal disputes.

The Church Ranches Homeowners Association reviews all applications for building permits within 1-2 weeks.  If there are any deviations from the Restrictive Covenants there is Restrictive Covenants Deviation process. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

CRHA Guidelines

Homeowner Guidelines for Projects under the Restrictive Covenants 

Letter to Community Regarding Outdoor Projects - November 2020

Church Ranches Restrictive Covenants

Rocky View County

Information on Development Permits for Rocky View County

Rocky View County Land Use Bylaw

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