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What's happening with the mosquito abatement program?

We are happy to say that Prairie Environmental Services Ltd. has returned and is servicing the common areas in Church Ranches for 2024. For residential services, contact Prairie Environmental directly at (403) 510-1608 or Contact information for other mosquito abatement companies for private residences is available here

What are the Homeowner Association fees?

For 2024 the Church Ranches Homeowners Association fees are $1150/year, due after the AGM which is held in February. The CRHA fees are mandatory and are registered on each lot at Alberta Land Titles.  The CRHA fees are used for maintenance of the private common lands and lakes including the mosquito abatement program and weed control on the common lands; upkeep of the entrance and cul-de-sac landscape islands; upkeep of the pathways; hiring paid security patrols; installing and maintaining lake aeration and testing lake water; maintaining the water pumping system and other equipment; stocking trout in the lakes; and maintaining the docks, watercraft storage racks and the sand beaches.

What do I do if I see injured wildlife?

Call Calgary Wildlife Rehab Center at 403 239-2488, or the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403 946-2361. Depending on the circumstances, you may be advised the best course of action is to let nature take its course. 

How do I get CRHA approval for a construction of an outbuilding, changing the exterior of my home, building a fence, etc.?

Please contact us before construction starts so that we can work with you to ensure your project will meet our guidelines and the requirements of the relevant Restrictive Covenant.

We have a household member who is mobility restricted. Can we use a motorized vehicle for them in the park?

Yes, we have a blue flag program for mobility devices. The CRHA must pre-approve the use of a mobility device. Please contact us for details.

I live near Church Ranches and would like to use your beaches and lakes. Can I pay a fee to get access?

The beaches, lakes and trails in Church Ranches are private property for the sole use of CRHA members, family members and their guests. CRHA members pay an annual fee for use and upkeep of these common lands. For issues related to safety, usage and maintenance, this fee and related privileges do not extend to people outside of the Church Ranches community. Guests only are permitted on the common lands or lakes when a CRHA member or family member accompanies them. People who use the trails, beaches and lakes and are not residents of Church Ranches, or are not accompanied by a resident, are trespassing. Church Ranches has regular security patrols and trespassers are reported to the RCMP. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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