Water Reports

Winter 2022-23 Water Report

Please remember that the CRHA does not monitor for ice thickness over the winter months. Please use caution when venturing out on the lakes as freezing and ice thickness can vary with the temperatures.

November 2022 Water Report

The system has been winterized. We will keep the aerators running for as long as possible while monitoring the lakes for freezing. We anticipate shutting the aerators down mid-November.

October 2022 Water Report

Barry Cochran, our Parks Manager, has started winterizing the lake systems. The stream from the waterfall to Lake 3 will be reduced in volume and then fully shut off. Lake 3 (Cheyanne Lake) will be lowered by four inches, which will raise Lake 1 (Alexa Lake) and Lake 2 by two inches. Lowering Lake 3 prevents the culvert at the stream’s outlet from freezing up.

Once this is done the winterization of five manholes, eighteen valves, three air- release valves and the underground water lines from the pump house to the waterfall and from Lake 3 to Lake 2 will begin.

September 2022 Water Report 

Please click here for the September 2022 Church Ranches water report: September 2022 Church Ranches Water Report

Church Ranches Lakes - July 2022 Update

Given the amount of rain we experienced in the spring and early summer, to date there has been no need to purchase water to fill the lakes. The aerators in all three lakes have been operating since the spring. Fresh trout were released into the lakes in the spring. Water is being tested on a regular basis. Enjoy our lakes!

Church Ranches Lakes - November 2021 Update

The temperatures have dropped and ice is forming on the lakes. Winter is on the way! The aerators in all three lakes were shut down before the freezing started and the system was winterized. A second broken valve has been repaired. 

Just a reminder that the Board does not check the lakes for ice thickness during the winter months. Skating and other activities on the lakes is at your own risk.

The Water Committee

Church Ranches Lakes - September/October 2021 Update

With the cooler fall weather, swimming season is winding down, but canoeing and kayaking are still a great way to enjoy our lakes. Lake levels are normal for this time of year.  Repairs have been made to the broken valve near Alexa Lake but another valve now needs repairs. The waterfall has been shut down for the season. The aerators will run into November. Winterizing the system will continue into October and November.

Enjoy our lakes!

The Water Committee

Church Ranches Lakes - August 2021 Update

  The water report as of Mid-August is as follows:

1) The water quality remains good and weekly tests continue to come back at levels that are safe for swimming.

2) It's been a hot, dry season, so the lake levels are lower than normal. The CRHA purchased water in July and planned to purchase more in August. Unfortunately, a broken valve has delayed adding water to the lakes from Rocky View Water Co-Op. Repairs to the valve are in the works. In the meantime, recent rains will help elevate the water levels.  

3) The work to lay cables to accommodate aerators in Cheyanne Lake (Lake 3) and Cody Lake (Lake 2) is complete and the trenches have been backfilled. Enmax will be completing the work to get the aerators up and running in the next few days. Aeration will run until November.

Enjoy our lakes!

The Water Committee

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