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The Church Ranches Homeowners Association is an Association created under the Alberta Societies Act. The Association consists of members, each one representing a single household in the Church Ranches community. The CRHA holds its Annual General Meeting in February at which time a Board of Directors is elected from the membership. The Board consists of nine Directors. Each Board member is a volunteer and serves a three-year term, with different terms overlapping. The current CRHA Board in 2023 is as follows:

2023 Church Ranches Homeowners Association Board

President Claudine Hanson

Vice President Laurie Brazzoni

Treasurer Kelly Paulson

Secretary George Coutts


Jonathan Pendlebury

Susan Brown

Martin Jones

Wei Hua Zhang

Jack Addington

Parks Manager

Barry Cochran

Parks Assistant

Darrell Aries


Water - Jonathan, Susan, Jack, Wei, Barry

Membership - George, Claudine, Jonathan, Martin

Parks - Laurie, Susan, George, Martin, Jack, Barry

Security - George, Barry

Finance - Kelly

Social - Claudine, Kelly

Church Ranches Homeowners Association Mission Statement:

The CRHA is responsible for the management and natural preservation of the Church Ranches Common Lands and Water Systems. Its fundamental guidelines are to manage the shareholder's common property (such as docks, sheds, garage, maintenance vehicles and equipment, pumps and piping), maintain in as natural a condition as possible the park lands (including the pathways and water systems), and prohibit any further development within the Common Lands.

The CRHA, as sole shareholder of Church Ranches Ltd., will review such development/building permit applications as are submitted to them for compliance with the Church Ranches Building Guidelines and respective Restrictive Covenants, and advise whether such applications are acceptable.

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